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5280 Beats

5280 Productions, a prestigious music production company was established in back In 2004, Concept and 3M had a vision to create a production company that offered a familiar but new, creative sound.

That vision has now blossomed into 5280 Productions. At the age of 19 and 18 they have cataloged over 300+ beats and have already worked with numerous artists in the Music industry as well up and coming artist ranging from genres such as Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B to Dancehall/Reggae and Reggaeton as well as producing music for nationwide and local T.V. commercials.

The mission behind 5280 Productions is simple, to construct music in its highest quality from the ground up. Creativity and diversity is a must in the industry recipe for success; and this is exactly what every 5280 track is based on.

In addition to the online catalog, 5280 Productions specializes in custom and exclusive production services ranging from songs, to movie scores and commercials. Also if you are in the Wichita, Kansas area studio time is available.

5280 Beats

 Come Right BackHeartfelt Music$20.00$8.95
 Whenever I WantTravis Scott vibe$20.00$8.95
 Only and AlwaysUrban top 40$20.00$8.95
 Beach HouseConfident Music$20.00$8.95
 Cash On DeliveryT.I. Feel To This One$20.00$8.95
 One Night OnlySmooth Urban with 808s$20.00$8.95
 Only in the 90sOld school R&B feel$20.00$8.95
 In The AMUrban Banger$20.00$8.95
 My Way BackLaid back music, hard drums - 156bpm$20.00$8.95
 Friends Like TheseFor the Squad$20.00$8.95
 Third Eye130bpm - dark sound with hard drums$20.00$8.95
 City LightsDeep 808s$20.00$8.95
 FinishedDiplo Style$20.00$8.95
 BurnEllie Goulding Pop Meets Trap$20.00$8.95
 Late Night FlightsDrake and Rihana vibes$20.00$8.95
 Out the SkySumertime Chill$20.00$8.95
 Percentage808s and Drama$20.00$8.95
 CamouflageUrban Tory Lanez vibe$20.00$8.95
 The Blessed LifeCruisin Music$20.00$8.95
 From the StartTop 40 ready$20.00$8.95
 Back HomeClassic hip hop feel$20.00$8.95
 Watch it Pile UpHustle music, that bounce$20.00$8.95
 InstantlyKid Cudi$20.00$8.95
 All Time LowMood music$20.00$8.95
 Never LongHip Hop Beat$20.00$8.95
 ShowstopperHard drums, smooth chords$20.00$8.95
 For YouGood Ol' R&B with modern drums - 120bpm$20.00$8.95
 TG-Left OversTinashe vibe$20.00$8.95
 Day OneHard Street Beat$20.00$8.95
 Little HellEminems darker days - 160bpm$20.00$8.95
 Hidden GemsSinister Melody + Super hard drums$20.00$8.95
 PretendPop Anthem$20.00$8.95
 Lost For YearsGood Music, Urban Top 40$20.00$8.95
 PiecesDeep 808s$20.00$8.95
 Readyradio ready urban - 98bpm$20.00$8.95
 Finally LivingTop 40 Stadium Rap$20.00$8.95
 LatelyTrap Soul Vibes$20.00$8.95
 Call UpMajor Key Vibes$20.00$8.95
 One Daydark sound with 808s - 140bpm$20.00$8.95
 TroubleT.I. Style$20.00$8.95
 Trust MeSmooth chords and 808s$20.00$8.95
 How Would You Knowchoirs and 808s$20.00$8.95
 BoomerangMadness US to UK$20.00$8.95
 LuxurySingle material$20.00$8.95
 Connectback to back hype$20.00$8.95
 For the NightEnergy for the Club$20.00$8.95
 Stay In TonightBaby Making Music$20.00$8.95
 HerosStreet/Club Smash$20.00$8.95
 SoulessThe Weeknd Vibe$20.00$8.95
 ResistR&B Pop Song$20.00$8.95
 SavageVibe music, heavy drums$20.00$8.95
 Champagne ProblemsTop 40 pop$20.00$8.95
 What a NightSonic Boom$20.00$8.95
 Other SideLate Summer Nights$20.00$8.95
 Love PunchTrap vs Twerk$20.00$8.95
 JunkieHard ass TRAP$20.00$8.95
 The Come UpAmbient knock$20.00$8.95
 Out of my MindDark Drive Music$20.00$8.95
 VivaSinister Sound$20.00$8.95
 Believe ItSummertime Hustle Music$20.00$8.95
 Something from NothingMeaningful music, Kendrick vibe$20.00$8.95
 These DaysExtreme chill hard 808s$20.00$8.95
 Falling DownReal Music$20.00$8.95
 NightmareModern RnB$20.00$8.95
 Young Wild & RestlessEpic Intense Beat$20.00$8.95
 Couldve Been MeRadio Ready Pop R&B$20.00$8.95
 SensationalSometing different$20.00$8.95
 All NightCalvin Harris Vibe$20.00$8.95
 Played YourselfTravis Scott vibe$20.00$8.95
 CursedIntense feel w hard drums$20.00$8.95
 GonnerIntense eminem style$20.00$8.95
 Lord Have MercyHard Hittin Street Beat$20.00$8.95
 FlingTop 40 Urban Pop$20.00$8.95
 ShelterThat XO vibe$20.00$8.95
 The BuzzWest Coast Classic$20.00$8.95
 The First TimeR&B Smash Hit$20.00$8.95
 Crossed That Lineaggressive eminem vibe$20.00$8.95
 The Set UpEminem Dr Dre Style$20.00$8.95
 Everything BreaksSubtle story telling track$20.00$8.95
 Lost ItIntense strings, hard drums$20.00$8.95
 Ready Steadybeat for the Majors$20.00$8.95
 Fadeintense raw hip hop$20.00$8.95
 FallingTrap Soul - 125bpm$20.00$8.95
 IncredibleLive Music Feel$20.00$8.95
 Bless Up - SampleHalf Time beat, haunting piano -100bpm$20.00$8.95
 Look InsideJustin Beiber Vibes$20.00$8.95
 Crazy SexyBryson Tiller Vibe$20.00$8.95
 NorthwestFall 16 Music$20.00$8.95
 Up Abovefeel good sound$20.00$8.95
 BerlinSimple but effective$20.00$8.95
 To Be KingRelaxing vibes with dope drums$20.00$8.95
 NitrousGloomy Rap with Bounce$20.00$8.95
 SuperNovaImagine Dragons vibe$20.00$8.95
 Lights Dont FallKid Cudi Beat$20.00$8.95
 Breaking DownHard Beat Smooth Sound$20.00$8.95
 One TimeClassic west vibe$20.00$8.95
 Left BehindTop 40 Pop$20.00$8.95
 Where You FromIntense Eminem vibe$20.00$8.95
 RebuildModern RnB with Hard drums$20.00$8.95
 DoubleClub Bounce Beat$20.00$8.95
 PostCardsPop Rock Single$20.00$8.95
 The Come Down135bpm - Party Next Door Vibe$20.00$8.95
 Full TimeDope Boy Trap$20.00$8.95
 MotivatorSmooth Banger$20.00$8.95
 Silenthalf Time beat, sinister sound - 130bpm$20.00$8.95
 BurialDope Boy Trap vol 2$20.00$8.95
 PressureTriumphant Banger$20.00$8.95
 6 Different WaysHustle Music for the Fall$20.00$8.95
 Full SpeedPianos and 808s$20.00$8.95
 VisionKendrick Lamar Vibes$20.00$8.95
 BottomChart Music$20.00$8.95
 Until ThenAriana Grande vibe$20.00$8.95
 Against All Oddsintense throwback eminem vibe$20.00$8.95
 Cant Run From ItThrowback Lox Style$20.00$8.95
 I Get ItTropic feel with 808s - 144bpm$20.00$8.95
 Hold OnPop Track with Hard Drums - 128bpm$20.00$8.95
 Ahold of ThingsEminem meets Travis Scott$20.00$8.95
 Ont the weekendLaid back vibe$20.00$8.95
 PressureTriumphant Banger$20.00$8.95

 Bad HabitsClub Banga$30.00$15.95
 Come To MeR&B Beat$40.00$15.95
 Bet ThatRap Beat$40.00$15.95
 Shut it DownDirty South Beat$40.00$15.95
 You Should Be HereRadio R&B Hit$40.00$15.95
 Losin' ControlTimbo Type Beat$40.00$15.95
 Who Does It BetterJay-Z Type Beat$30.00$15.95
 God Gave Me YouR&B Beat$30.00$15.95
 Your Opinion Doesn't MatterHip Hop Beat$40.00$15.95
 Don't Know About ThatRap Beat$40.00$15.95
 Tough GuyDirty South Beat$40.00$15.95
 Letter To The PresidentRhodes Play$35.00$15.95
 Got That LookTimbo type beat$40.00$15.95
 I Can'tR&B Beat$30.00$15.95
 Death Before DishonorR&B Radio$40.00$15.95
 Your All i KnowEpic R&b Radio Hitt!!!$40.00$15.95
 Dat BounceHip Hop Beat$30.00$15.95
 StopwatchClub Banga$30.00$15.95
 Pray For EmClub Beat$35.00$15.95
 Politics As UsualSampled Beat$40.00$15.95
 I'ma Get HerClub Banga$35.00$15.95
 The ConflictHip Hop beat$40.00$15.95

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20DollarBeats' Non Exclusive License

When you buy a Non Exclusive Rap Beat....

The royalty free non-exclusive musical compositions sold by 20DollarBeats remain the property of 20DollarBeats and are licensed, not sold, to you the licensee.

20DollarBeats' Non Exclusive License grants you (the licensee) the right to use 20DollarBeats' royalty-free compositions (NE rap beats) only for Radio Advertisement, Commercial Advertisement, Television Advertisement, Internet Background Music, On-Hold & In-House Background Music, and/or Artist Demonstrations.

Additionally, specific limitations exist for Recording Artists where 20DollarBeats' musical compositions and/or rap beats can only be used for demonstration purposes and must adhere to the rules of "synchronization" where ADDITIONAL AUDIO AND VOCAL PERFORMANCES are recorded against and with 20DollarBeats compositions.

All distributed works must show the following legal music credit: Music/Beat Producer - Ray Johnson - 20Dollarbeats.com

At 20DollarBeats.com we offer different types of rap beats for different types of artists. Our rap beats cater to rappers, jazz musicians, video producers and more.

If you are looking for a Free Rap Beat, you can visit our free rap beat section. There you will find some cool loops and beats for Acid and other music editing programs. Get your sick rap beats today.

Royalty Free Music: Music which is sold without any ongoing royalty obligations. The copyright is owned in its entirety, by the seller. Not sale. Royalty Free is not the same as copyright free. In the case of royalty free, the selling entity or entities retain the copyright interests.

Download 5280 Productions for sale, hip hop beat with premium lease options and tracked out lease are available. If you want your beats and rap instrumentals with trackout wav or unlimited lease, contact us for details. Exclusive and non exclusive mp3 lease options theres also a premium lease option for those who dont want full exclusive rights. Please read our Leasing Policy before purchasing 5280 Productions to understand how leasing beats online and hip hop instrumentals works.

5280 Productions
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