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Ray Johnson Producer

Ray Johnson ProducerRay Johnson is the CEO/Founder of 20DollarBeats.com. He has been playing music since he was 10 years old. In grade school, he was the first and only drummer to be in the high school jazz band before he got to high school. With some of the best teachers in Phila, Ray quickly became a valuable addition to just about any band. He could easily play "4's" (the process of playing the drums with your teacher (2 drum sets), and alternating between 4 bars) with his teacher with no problems. Early on he realized that doing "gigs" on the road was not for him. He wanted to be a "studio" drummer.


Regular Beats
 Da IceDirty South Hitt$20.00$8.95
 Area 151Scott Storch Beat$35.00$8.95
 Morning's LightDavid Guetta Radio Hit!$30.00$8.95
 Losin They MindGuetta type beat$20.00$8.95
 Presiedential AtlantaGucci Mane$20.00$8.95
 Do It BetterRick Ross / Ridin Musik$20.00$8.95
 Trap EmTrap Anthem!!!$20.00$8.95
 Gata-touilleVibe Dirty South$20.00$8.95
 Sucio Dinero (Dirty Money)Scott Storch!$40.00$8.95
 Shawty (Without Hook)Wiz Khalifa / R&B (Without Hook)$20.00$8.95
 Make That Body Sing (With Hook)Uptempo Vibe (With Hook!)$20.00$8.95
 Air Em OutWaka Flocka / Lex Luger$20.00$8.95
 I Like The WayHit (Without Hook)$20.00$8.95
 Swagga (Get Like Me)Swagga Beat$20.00$8.95
 I Like The Way (With Hook)Hit (With Hook!!)$20.00$8.95
 Hustle HardThe Runners / Khaled$35.00$8.95
 Make That Body Sing (Without Hook)Uptempo Vibe (Without Hook)$20.00$8.95
 Shawty (With Hook)Wiz Khalifa / R&B (With Hook!)$20.00$8.95
 My LifeMelodic$35.00$8.95
 WinnersRadio Hit$20.00$8.95
 Sucio Dinero (Dirty Money)Scott Storch!$40.00$8.95
 My LifeStory Telling...$40.00$8.95
 ThrowbackThrowback Cali!$40.00$8.95
 BeautifulRadio Hit$20.00$8.95
 Something About YouRadio Hit$20.00$8.95
 I Choose YouRyan Leslie$20.00$8.95
 Thinkin' Of YouJazz R&B / Soul$20.00$8.95
 Takin' OverDJ Khaled / Konvict$20.00$8.95
 Get Right TonightYoung Money$20.00$8.95
 Shake That AssClassic Timbaland$20.00$8.95
 GradeRadio Hit$20.00$8.95
 Beautiful LadySampled Hip Hop$20.00$8.95
 VeteranSouthern Piano$20.00$8.95
 DamnATL Stomp$20.00$8.95
 OooWeeSampled Rap Beat$20.00$8.95
 Follow MeUptempo R&B$20.00$8.95
 Crazy WorldMobb Deep$20.00$8.95
 So LongT.I / Piano$20.00$8.95
 No One Does It BetterSoulful Hip Hop Beat$20.00$8.95
 BewareDr. Dre$20.00$8.95
 Chasin' PaperT.I.P$20.00$8.95
 Bad ConscienceHit Remake!$20.00$8.95
 Overtime : Part IIHit Record!$20.00$8.95
 Where I'm FromDr. Dre / NYC!$20.00$8.95
 Got It TwistedRap Beat$20.00$8.95
 To The GraveDark Rap Beat$20.00$8.95
 Just Like MeFabolous / Jamie Foxx$20.00$8.95
 Imma ThreatSouthern Rap Beat$20.00$8.95
 Momma KnewClassic Hip Hop$20.00$8.95
 Get KrazyLil Jon - Club$20.00$8.95
 Mafia MusikMafia Musik!!$20.00$8.95
 Ima Go GettaLil Wayne Hustla Style$20.00$8.95
 Tic-Tac-ToeATL Snap$20.00$8.95
 MisunderstoodLil Wayne$20.00$8.95
 Thugz AmbitionTrue East Coast$20.00$8.95
 Hit Tha ClubClub R&B$20.00$8.95
 PlayhouseRadio Hit$20.00$8.95
 Through The NightR&B Hit Record!!$20.00$8.95
 We The BestDJ Khaled$20.00$8.95
 JuicedRyder Music$20.00$8.95
 Purple HazeSmokin' That Ish!$20.00$8.95
 HurtEpic South Sound$20.00$8.95
 MarchandiseMafia Musik$20.00$8.95
 Turn It UpTimbaland / Danja$20.00$8.95
 Buck 'Em DownMarching Band$20.00$8.95
 Sweetest ThingHip Hop / Vinyl$20.00$8.95
 Swagga (Get Like Me)Swagga Beat$20.00$8.95
 When I'm GoneSouth Reminiscing$20.00$8.95
 Speed DialR&B Hit$20.00$8.95
 Gentlemen's ClubGot Money?$20.00$8.95
 Rain On MeLost Someone?$20.00$8.95
 Per CussinMissy Elliot Music Beat$20.00$8.95
 Say SomethingTimbaland$20.00$8.95
 Never endingRadio Hit$20.00$8.95
 ComfortableThe Carter$20.00$8.95
 The Real LifeAlchemist / True Hip Hop$20.00$8.95
 AnythingR&B Legends$20.00$8.95
 OrGanTikR&B Type Shit$20.00$8.95
 TouchR&B Club Joint$20.00$8.95
 OvertimeHit Record!$20.00$8.95
 All The ThingsCandlelight R&B Beat$20.00$8.95
 Gettin' MoneyDirty South Horns$20.00$8.95
 The TruthDre / Aftermath$20.00$8.95

Premium Beats
 I'm PaidNew South Sound$40.00$15.95
 PreciousCrazy R&B$40.00$15.95
 Let Loose NowTimberlake Type Beat$40.00$15.95
 Blood HoundScott Storch / 50$40.00$15.95
 Area 151Scott Storch Beat$35.00$15.95
 Lock It DownWest Coast Beat$40.00$15.95
 Dirt DevilTimbaland Beat$30.00$15.95
 Island PartyClub banga$40.00$15.95
 PlazmaliciousWest Coast Beat$35.00$15.95
 EnergyTimbaland Style Banga$40.00$15.95
 Get LowSouthern Bass$40.00$15.95
 Want Me ThereTimbo/Timberlake Beat$35.00$15.95
 All AloneEminem Guitar Beat$40.00$15.95
 You Want ThisEminem Type Beat$30.00$15.95
 Phone TapDr. Dre$40.00$15.95

In high school, Ray formed a few bands and, but knew that being a rock drummer was not for him. Even at 15 yrs old, with no money, he used to record the drumset using sony headphones and re-wiring them as microphones like a studio. Although he could play any genre, and had a great ear, he decided to get into other things like DJ'ing.

In 1989 he formed his own DJ company and sustained an easy salary and created a big name locally. the jobs were pouring in. Around that time, he got into computers and digital audio (when it was in it's infancy) and knew then that this was what the future is all about. With 15 years of high end digital video production skills, audio production, and web/graphic design experience, 20dollarBeats was born. In 2006, he built 20DollarBeats.com to offer affordable, high quality music instrumentals to everyone, all digital & all downloadable... all the time.

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Additionally, specific limitations exist for Recording Artists where 20DollarBeats' musical compositions and/or rap beats can only be used for demonstration purposes and must adhere to the rules of "synchronization" where ADDITIONAL AUDIO AND VOCAL PERFORMANCES are recorded against and with 20DollarBeats compositions.

All distributed works must show the following legal music credit: Music/Beat Producer - Ray Johnson - 20Dollarbeats.com

At 20DollarBeats.com we offer different types of rap beats for different types of artists. Our rap beats cater to rappers, jazz musicians, video producers and more.

If you are looking for a Free Rap Beat, you can visit our free rap beat section. There you will find some cool loops and beats for Acid and other music editing programs. Get your sick rap beats today.


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Download Ray Johnson Producer for sale, hip hop beat with premium lease options and tracked out lease are available. If you want your beats and rap instrumentals with trackout wav or unlimited lease, contact us for details. Exclusive and non exclusive mp3 lease options theres also a premium lease option for those who dont want full exclusive rights. Please read our Leasing Policy before purchasing Ray Johnson Producer to understand how leasing beats online and hip hop instrumentals works.

Ray Johnson Producer
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