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Rap Beats
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Rap Beats Rap Beats

Rap Beats

Instrumental Music

The Rap Beats and Rap Instrumental Game is forever changing and for 2017, we're right on track with the genre's. We sell beats from Hardcore Rap, Trap Beats to West Coast, R&B and even Country beats, either exclusive or non exclusive mp3 lease beats, we have it all covered.

Each month, we usually add 50 new beats and hip hop instrumentals in every genre. 20DollarBeats has become a well known name in cities all around the USA and the world. With the best prices and buying beats online plus top hip hop producers, it's no wonder our customers keep coming back over and over. Be sure to listen to as many beats & instrumentals as you can.

aug Beats
TitleTypeReg PricePricePurchase
 Retired Some acoustic guitar and drums$20.00$6.95
 Fossils EDM Dance radio idea$20.00$6.95
 CRASH Astro World$20.00$6.95
 Nous Alright, there's lots of open space for vocals$20.00$6.95
 Dreams Somewhat sad r&b/hiphop crossover with guitar.$20.00$6.95
 Rupture Laid Back Knock$20.00$6.95
 GuSto USA to UK$20.00$6.95
 Battery High energy trap this one.$20.00$6.95
 Motivate Nipsey would kill this!$20.00$6.95
 Position RAW$20.00$6.95
 RAZOR Simple Slap!$20.00$6.95
 LURK Make What You Want$20.00$6.95
 Deja Vu Laid Back Knock$20.00$6.95
 Polter Guitar to synth flip idea$20.00$6.95
 Thats Life Afropop/hiphop crossover.$20.00$6.95
 Maradona Dave East style East Coast hip hop beat.$20.00$6.95
 Get The Strap G Eazy type rap beat.$20.00$6.95
 Brothers Hard rap beat with an East Coast touch.$20.00$6.95
 Got You Here Dancehall track with modern backbeat tho$20.00$6.95
 Cold Heart Hits Only$20.00$6.95
 Referee Hip hop club beat.$20.00$6.95
 Beamers EDM idea thats all synth$20.00$6.95
 Dubai Cash Hard rap beat with an ethnic touch.$20.00$6.95
 Kuli EDM Mid Tempo w drop idea$20.00$6.95
 Hectic Hot 100$20.00$6.95
 Overhear The best house track doesn't exi....$20.00$6.95
 Feature EDM Club radio idea$20.00$6.95
 Yikes! Hard hitting hip hop beat.$20.00$6.95
 Dummies Interesting minimalism I think$20.00$6.95
 Find Us MOOD$20.00$6.95
 Building EDM Pop radio ready$20.00$6.95
 Shoosh Atmospheric RnB$20.00$6.95
 Sononi Trap straight on$20.00$6.95
 Hometown Guitars and Hip Hop Drums$20.00$6.95
 Que Pasa Hip hop with a Spanish flavour.$20.00$6.95
 CSSP Club trap banger here.$20.00$6.95
 Sanity Nice Guitar to Drop synths$20.00$6.95
 Tattoos 6lack or G Eazy style beat.$20.00$6.95
 Plasma Easy going track, modern vibes from LA$20.00$6.95
 Still Wonder We All Do$20.00$6.95
 CHANGED Late Summer Nights$20.00$6.95

Featured Beats and Instrumentals

In this section, we've selected a few tracks that we feel should be featured. These are considered some of our top production music. With many genres to choose from, buy trap beats like Rae Sremmurd, trap beat type Fetty Waps and more. We sell Travis Scott type beats, Kevin Gates, Migos and Sean Type beats. We even have dance music, trap beat instrumental, trap music & pop beats as well as instrumentals with hooks in our beat store. Popular beats are trap beats if your do trap music and the dirty south rap instrumental.

TitleTypeReg PricePricePurchase
 Angel Wings Ultra Sound Beams$20.00$6.95
 Maybe Metro type beat$20.00$6.95
 Soda Trap Type Track$20.00$6.95
 Forehabit Trap morph into Future Bass$20.00$6.95
 Thru It All 2 A new take on some chords I like$20.00$6.95
 Module A RnB with deep bass$20.00$6.95
 Classbar Nice Hip Hop with a vox chop$20.00$6.95
 HEXX Turn the Volume all the way up$20.00$6.95
 I Gave Up Anthem$20.00$6.95
 PISCES In The Stars$20.00$6.95
 Decapt Club heater. 808 bass says hi.$20.00$6.95
 Front Street Someone please make this a Hit$20.00$6.95
 Indications Smooth R&B Track$20.00$6.95
 Sleepless One time for the Hustlers$20.00$6.95
 Revrun Kanye shuda picked this one$20.00$6.95
 Toybell Club trap beat with toybell sounds and bass$20.00$6.95
 Addiction We All Have One$20.00$6.95
 Check$ Soulful hiphop with a modern touch.$20.00$6.95

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Rap Beats

Founded in 2006, 20DollarBeats has sold over 75,000 beats and instrumentals to 1000's of happy customers. We have over 10,000 instrumental beats for sale made by 7 experienced producers. We cover every style and genre from R&B to dirty south, Reggae beats, East Coast beats, west coast beats to Tropical house, reggaeton beats and Future type beats are available as trackout wav files by request.

When you want buy royalty free instrumentals music with 100% quality, and the best customer service with instant results, 20DollarBeats' is the only choice. We also offer the best exclusive rap beats of all time. Just ask us from the contact page for exclusive rap beats and we'll get you pricing and availability. Almost every instrumental beat listed on our site is available as exclusive and come as premium wav files. You can buy beats as non exclusive or request exclusive rights.

Premium Beats

These Premium beats are regularly $40.00 each. You can save over 60% off by using this link. These instrumental hip hop beats are also available as exclusive beats which come as a tracked out lease and premium wav files which is different than the basic lease mp3 when you buy beats online.

Request the price and availability on the contact page to find out more about unlimited lease options about any rap instrumental songs listed. When you buy rap beats on line from our premium section, they are not exclusive nor do they come with stems. There is an additional fee for stems and exclusive rights. Please contact us for more and if you're looking for custom beats.

Beats for Sale

Archived Beats

Beats for Sale

Royalty Free Music: Music which is sold without any ongoing royalty obligations. The copyright is owned in its entirety, by the seller. Not sale. Royalty Free is not the same as copyright free. In the case of royalty free, the selling entity or entities retain the copyright interests.

Download Rap Beats for sale, hip hop beat with premium lease options and tracked out lease are available. If you want your beats and rap instrumentals with trackout wav or unlimited lease, contact us for details. Exclusive and non exclusive mp3 lease options theres also a premium lease option for those who dont want full exclsuive rights. Please read our Leasing Policy before purchasing Rap Beats to understand how leasing beats online and hip hop instrumentals works.

Rap Beats
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