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At, we've been cooking up musical goodness since way back in 2007. Our squad is more than just a team; they're a group of beat maestros who know their stuff inside out. Let me introduce you to the magic makers – Nick, Freek, Mike, Andrew, August, Ray, Drew, Aaron, and Tony. These folks bring a blend of skills and styles that'll make your music journey unforgettable. With over a decade of crafting beats, they've got the secret sauce to elevate your sound. So, dive into our beats, and let the expert touch of our crew take your music to the next level!


August - Music Producer


Andrew - Music Producer 


Nick - Music Producer


Freek - Music Producer


Mike (Kustom) - Music Producer


Ray (founder) - Music Producer


Drew (Beatboxerz) - Music Producer



Tony - Music Producer

Whether you're vibing to hip-hop, grooving to EDM, or swaying to pop, our producers have your musical preferences covered. Our rich history is woven with beats that resonate globally, connecting with artists and creators everywhere. Our commitment to delivering top-notch quality is unwavering, ensuring that every production carries the mark of excellence. Dive into our lineup, explore the unmatched skill and creativity that defines, and trust the experts who've been shaping the musical landscape for almost two decades. Your musical vision deserves nothing less.


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