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Ray Johnson, the mastermind behind the innovative soundscape of, emerges as the virtuoso CEO and Founder, orchestrating a symphony of musical prowess that transcends conventional norms. A maestro since the tender age of 10, Ray's harmonious journey into the world of melodies began, painting his adolescence with notes of unparalleled brilliance.

 In the hallowed halls of grade school, Ray etched his name in the annals of musical distinction, claiming the title of the first and solitary drummer to grace the high school jazz band, a prelude to the symphonic heights he would later scale. Under the guidance of some of Philly's finest mentors, Ray's musical metamorphosis unfolded, rendering him an invaluable asset to any ensemble that dared to resonate with excellence.


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With rhythmic finesse, Ray effortlessly delved into the intricate realm of "4's," engaging in the symphonic dialogue of drumming, synchronizing his beats with a mentor across dual drum sets, navigating the cadence with seamless proficiency. Amidst the resonance of youthful rock bands, Ray's epiphany dawned early – the nomadic allure of road gigs held no sway over his musical soul. Instead, he aspired to be the luminary of the studio, captivated by the allure of digital alchemy through recordings and sampling.

The year 2006 witnessed Ray's divergence into the realms of website design and SEO, a seemingly disparate path converging with fate. In a serendipitous fusion of passion and pursuit, he birthed 20DollarBeats – a digital sanctuary where beats breathe life into cyberspace. The gestation period was a mere seven months, a swift ascent from inception to the crescendo of a bona fide musical enterprise, defying the conventional tempo of business evolution. Ray Johnson, the architect of sonic landscapes, continues to compose his opus, a testament to the unpredictable cadence of his musical journey.

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