How to get the discount codes

20DollarBeats Coupon Codes

Here's a short page explaining how to use the discount codes on the site. Also, the video is a demo to watch if you prefer. If you have any issues getting it to work you can also contact us here. - We're here to help.


OK so we're gonna show you how to get the discount code on the site.

  1. Once you find the beat that you like, hit play to hear how great it sounds, then when your ready, hit the choose lease option.
  2. Here you can choose the correct option for that fits you, such as MP3, wave or unlimited etc. The mp3 is compressed at 320k and is suitable for most users. The wav option is higher quality for the ones who want the uncompressed versions. The unlimited use allows you to use on all social media platforms without any copyright flags. It also comes with both: mp3 and wav version so it's the most popular choice.
  3. Hit the add to cart button and then, hit check out.
  4. At the very top where it says show order summary, type in the discount code, in this case, it's cologne20.
  5. Then hit apply to see your discount and that's it. You're all set.

Here's a short video showing you how it's done

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