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Jungle Flowers - Vibrant R&B Melodies with Lush Beat

Jungle Flowers - Vibrant R&B Melodies with Lush Beat

Year:2023 | BPM:90 | Time:3:47

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This Smooth upbeat RnB groove beat is from August. It has a BPM of 90 and was produced in 2023 with a running time of 03:47. This track is a masterful fusion of upbeat rhythms and lush sounds, with a running time of 03:47 and a steady BPM of 90, perfect for setting the mood.

Dive into the lush world of Jungle Flowers, an R&B beat exuding the soulful vibes reminiscent of artists like H.E.R. and Daniel Caesar. With its captivating rhythm and enchanting harmonies, this track is a perfect addition for artists aiming to infuse their compositions with a touch of organic elegance. Let your music bloom with the vibrant emotional hues and resonating depths inspired by the artistry of these renowned R&B sensations.

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Tags: 03:47 2023 90 bpm beat Captivating rhythm Enchanting harmonies instrumental Jungle Flowers R&B beat Lush music compositions Melodic R&B tracks Organic R&B sounds r&b RnB Soulful R&B melodies Vibrant music beats

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